As a Doula I do...

I do offer in person and/or phone support

I can sit with you, listen to you, talk over your concerns and discuss options. I can facilitate conversations with others and support you to discuss your plans with those around you. I can advocate for you and help you to navigate the medical world by providing emotional and spiritual support. 

I do offer referrals to other professionals

who can help

There are so many things to think about when a life is ending. It is an emotional time and we all handle these things in different ways. I can help you to find services such as funeral homes, crematoriums, legal services, grief councillors, palliative care options, in home care options, complimentary therapies and advance care planning. 

As a Doula, I  do not...

I do not perform any clinical task

I will never perform a clinical or medical task. I will not diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice.  

I do not make decisions for you 

I am here to help you, to find non-biased information, to talk through options, offer referrals and support you to make your own informed decisions.

As a Doula, I do this without prejudice or judgment. 

I do not speak to the staff on your behalf

I can help you, I can be with you, I can attend appointments with you, but I will never speak for you or without you present.

I do offer a bedside vigil

I offer this service as a comfort to the patient, perhaps when loved ones are a distance away, or those around them need support to do this. 

I do not project any of my own beliefs onto your situation

Every life and every death is different. You have your beliefs and you are the one in this situation. As a Doula I  will not project or push any other beliefs onto you.  

I do offer Reiki 

I am a Reiki Master and can offer this modality as a complimentary therapy. Alternatively I can refer you to a range of other practitioners including massage, acupuncture, naturopaths, nutritionists, yoga instructors, reflexologists, 

holistic councillors, meditation teachers and energy healers. 

Complimentary therapies can assist in creating a peaceful space. 

I do not knowingly participate in any intentional ending of life

I will not knowingly participate in any physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia practices. I will not participate in any burial outside of statutory requirements. 

I do offer care co-ordination

Scheduling care around various appointments, medication times, care-givers who also need to be present with their own families and/or work can seem like an overwhelming task. A Doula can help you to schedule a plan and cater to the needs of all those involved. 

I do offer funeral planning

If you do not know where to start, or you have a rather elaborate plan a Doula can help. From opening the discussion of what you want after you die, to helping put on an event that fulfils all your wishes I am able to assist you.

I do offer after death body care 

This is something that not everyone feels comfortable doing but you can keep a body at home for days, with the right help. This allows time and space for the grieving process and one that everyone can attend to. Helping to wash and dress the body, maybe build or decorate a coffin, slow down and not feel rushed or pressured into something. This is a fragile time, travel gently with it and spend time with your loved one.